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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Flavors - One of Delhis favorite places for having Italian Cusine...although Delhites may swear  over The Big Chill for the Hip & Happening place for Italian Cusine - there is a marked difference between the 2 restaurants though both serving same cusines ... Flavors to me is more classy & the atmosphere is little somber compared to a Big Chill ...Located Just after Andrews Ganj Flyover, South Delhi

 I went there Last week to celebrate my very close buddys birthday ...Obviously as one grows old, Birthday bashes are not anymore about being brash, getting drunk & behaving rash..Its more of a sombre affair. with People going out with Families, spouse etc..So we also went with our respective spouses

Minerstone Soup & Garlic Bread was yummy

I have almost reached a conclusion that Soups in Italian Cusine may not be too tantalising for our Taste Buds .. The Minerstone soup just failed to Impress, with absoultely lack of spices, richness or any great taste or character in the soup...Quite ordinary... The Garlic bread was very nice ..The Garlic was light & subtle & not atall over done in the flavor..nice crispness

Grilled & Herbed Chicken ..Entree
The Grills are one of the Highlights for the Italian Menu here at Flavors...I ordered the Grilled Chicken with herbs - 1 Piece Chicken Leg, 1 Piece Chicken Breast & 1 Piece Chicken Lollypop - along with Stir Fried Vegetables .. the Chicken was very mildly spiced, with light aroma --- The smell quite good enough to raise the appetite but not too strong enough to overpower the other aroma ... Chicken pieces were nice, juicy & chewy ..Not the melt in your mouth sorts, but something which you can bite into ... Top it up with Oregano spices, Chilli Flakes, Tobasco Chilli Sauce, Dash of Lime Sauces ........and quite a decent bite

All Chicken Pizza....Thin, Crisp
Next on the Menu was the Flavors Special, All Chicken Pizza ..again Lightly spiced, with lot of veggies, good dash of Cheese .... The Pizza base was maidaa, but carrying a Thin Crust -- Veggies were fresh & not too heavy on the Palate

Veg Pizza with Goat Cheese

Being a Strict Non Vegetarian, Its against my principles to touch Vegetarian Food during meals outside...But being a Foodie, its bad to discriminate against Vegetarians, so I end up having bites of Veg stuff as well just to have some idea of the taste..... The Goat Cheese had quite a rich texture, Little salty, quite rich & creamy in taste..

All in all, a great Experience & a great Dinner .... But being a Birthday, How can we leave withouot Giving a Birthday gift befitting for this occassion ..... Here is a Sneak Preview of the Gift that the Birthday Boy Got....

Land Rover........

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