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Friday, November 18, 2011

Golden Fiesta

One of the Oldest Pastry Shops of Delhi - The Golden Fiesta .... Established Since 1981, says their Introducton ...They have also successfully been running the Franchise model for quite some time. Some of the Notable locations where they are present - Lajpat Nagar, Sant Nagar, Karol Bagh, Punjabi Bagh .. Typically Heavy traffic dominated Punjabi Areas .. & they make some delicious snacks just right for the Punjabi taste buds, Mine Included

The Famous Glow Sign....

Range of Delicacies

They also seem to be one of the most trendiest & always believe in keeping up with the trends ...Be it Introduction of the Chinese Chat Snacks, - They were probably the first ones to introduce the Chinese Chat Snacks in Pastry Shops .......Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, Opposite the Legendary ISCKON Temple, stands tall, Golden Fiesta -They have a Family Fine Dining Restaurant, One Cake Shop, One Restaurant specialising in Bakery Products - Sandwich, Pastries, Cakes, Rolls, Pattys

And Some more.......
The Seating was something thats sure to blow you away... Lounge Type seating in a Bakery Shop ... Vow .... Too good - Bright Yellow Lights, a Nice Cushion Sofa .. Beautiful lay out, excellent vibrancy.. The Place looked like a Fusion of a Great Pastry Shop & a Relaxed Lounge.... Great Decor for a Pastry Shop

Chicken Puff ... Look at that

Look at the Chicken Puff  in the Photo above ....Hmmmmm Golden Brown, Crisp, Lighly Puffed, soaked with Oil & Ghee ... Fresh Chicken Patty ... Not too much spice .. Perfect Crsipiness ..... Quite Good... My all time favorite at Golden Fiesta is the Cold - Soft Chicken Sandwich..... This according to me is the Best Cold & Soft Chicken Sandwich ..... No extra Spices or additives ... Soft Bread which is softened probably by the moisture abosrbed by keepin the sandwich in the Fridge.....Just the Home style ... Lots of Butter, Cheese, Plain Chicken Stuff with a Light dressing.... Cold, Soft & Fresh Chicken

The Entrance....
Taste -8.5
Hygiene -9
Value for Money-7
Quality - 8


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