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Friday, November 18, 2011

Visit to the fish Market

Have you Ever Visited a Fish market & bought that fish for the Evening Dinner of Maach Bhaat  mentioning especially for the Bengalis ... My Bengali Friends pride themselves on the Knowledge they have acquired over the years in buying that Perfect Fish for their Maach Bhaat or Fish Curry With Rice ... Men, Women alike take active interest in the buying of this Staple food ...... Maach Bhaat is no ordinary staple for Bengalis ....My Friends tell me that while feeding a Bengali Kid, mothers dont have to take the trouble of taking out the small thorns  are their in the Fish

Fresh Fish ... Rohu being the most Popular

I have recently acquired this habit of buying Fresh fish from the Fish Market at CR Park, which is like a Very famous Fish Market -- being in the hub of a Bengali Society ... Have been used to that strange smell, many people may feel its a stench, but once you get used to it ....... It just becomes part of the Fish Buying Process .... Rohu, which is the river Fish is the most Popular Curry Fish ......

Rohu Fish typically weighs from 2Kg-4Kgs & has lot of small thorns in it...Its best made as a Spicy Curry & to be had with Steamed Rice

Fresh King Prawns...... Fresh to Fry & savour

Star Prawns .. smaller

Crabs ....

A Spicy & Fiery Rohu Fish Curry.......

Have with Steamed Rice ........

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