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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soya - The Vegetarians Delight

Its a Vegetarians Delight... or Poor Mans Chicken....... Non Vegetarians Poor Cousin...But whatever you may call it, SoyaBean is cool & back in fashion in Great style ..The Hugely growing popularity of successful Vegetarian Chains Like Wah Ji Wah & Soya Express - confirms that Soyabean is almost chic .... Come to think of it, Paneer has been used, used & used for generations ..... You may have tried calling Paneer by Diff names, but it still doesnt change too much...Call it Cottage Cheese, Garden Cheese & the words, the fact is that Lot of Vegetarian Cusines have to move out of the Shadow of Paneer & add more variety ....Soya is very close to bringing that revolution in the Vegetarian Food....

Juicy Afghani Champs --- Soya in a New Avatar

Just Last month we cooked Soya Champs & have been hooked since then ...... Pieces of Soya wrapped around a Stick ..... Deep fried & dropped in a simmerring curry made out of Lots of Fried Garlic, Finely Chopped Onions, Lots of Tomatoes, Coriander, Red Chillis, Garam Masala .. The Champs are given 3-4 small slits so that the Curry Masala can simmer & get into the Soya Champs ...... The Curry is Fiery & spicy - with lots of Garlic

Soya Champ sticks in Hot Garlic & Red Chilli Curry

Lot of restaurants serve this Soya Champ as a Tandoori Snack also ... Wah ji Wah serves some amazing Lip Smacking Afghani Champs .... Juicy, chewy, fresh - all spices nicely mixed - its quite a good bite to have .....

being served as Starter as well

One can also have the Soya Champs as a Nice Snack also...Can saute some Champs Over Little Olive oil .... season with some salt, red chilli, Onions, Coriander, tomatoes, dash of lemon & you get a nice, crsip, light golden crisp Soya Satay ..quite a healthy snack ....

Theres lot of Interesting options that can be explored with Soya in the Vegetarian Food ..... do send some interesting recipes you can ...... Nutrela Pulao or Biryani, is another popular Soya Dish .....I feel the vegetarians should really look upto the soya as their savior & tell the world that its about Time thati People know that Indian Vegetarian Cusine is not just about Paneer as the only glamorous food item..Enough of Paneer Tikkas, Enough of Paneer Manchurian, Paneer Fry, Paneer Makhanwala ...... Its time you woke up to the power of Soya ..Highly nutritious, full of proteins, and also helps one avoid the Milk food fat, thats associated with Paneer ....... You stir fry some Soya Champs, with Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Coriander, & you get a nice Soya Satay ......The good thing is that Soya is quite absorbent, so it can soak the Masalas very nicely

Keep eating & Hope Vegetarian Foodies dont complain thanks to the Soya Revoluytion

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