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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Channa Bhaturaas - Delhis Favourite Breakfast

All of us know that Delhities Love their Food..They Love the Good Life, they love their Evening drinks with Tandoori Chicken & Chicken Tikkas - They also love their Evening Gol Gappas, Aloo Tikkas & their Chaats ..But Nothing to Kikstart your day better than the Mornings ....& Morning Time is Cholle Bhatura time ...Delhites just love their Cholle Bhature ... This is Delhis Favorite Breakfast -- You can see hordes of Delhites standing & digging into their breakfast meal of several years with such great yearning & love...that you just cant help yourself but have a bite ..... South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, almost all of them have one or two iconic Cholle Bhatura vendors who have been making their mornings for so many years

Sharms Ji - Near Vikram Hotel
My Earlier Blog on why the small lane just Opposite MoolChand Metro Station & Vikram Hotel, has become a small haven for foodies, mentioned about the famous Cholle Bhatura wala -- http://gourmetaffairs.blogspot.com/2011/10/khaau-gali-mool-chand-metro-station.html -- Sharma Ji ke Cholle Bhature

There is one more Place which serves, Delhis Favorite Breakfast Channa Bhaturaa... I happend to try the Channa Bhatura this Morning & was pleasently surprised  to see the huge gathering of people waiting to grab a quick bite of this Popular Breakfast....

Look at the Breakfast Rush at 10.00 am

The Bhaturas, were quite nice & did not have any strong oil odor, which one normally finds... The Cholles were also pretty nice, seemd to have a different color, pretty red thoough, but not at all spicy ... If you are the one who deosnt like too eat too spicy stuff in the morning, Then this is a good breakfast treat for your palette

Baba Nagpal ke Cholle Bhature
Another Iconic Place for Cholle Bhatures,Nagpals is almost a household name in Sant Nagar & Lajpat Nagar 4 .. I had heard a lot about it & finallty decide to try the place .... From MoolChand Station, I had just the passerbys directions to reach the place.. I wouls have asked atleast 4-5 different passerbys for the different stretch in the bylanes & all of them knew this place ..Once we reached there, the huge crowd was enough to tell why ??

Menu is Impressive

While they seem to have amazing range for menu - Including the Lunch Menu - Rajma Chawal, Kadi Chawal, Cholle Chawal, Puri Subzi, Samosa, Kacchori , Its their Bhaturas that are most famous & Popular....Rs 50/ for a plate of 2 fluffy Golden yellowish brown crsip Bhaturas - Some Ghee & Oil laden, spiced Channa, with some potatoes, Onions, Carrot & Green Chillis Pickle ... Spicy Bites ...... The Bhaturas here are heavy & typical of the Delhi Flavor, unlike the Sharmas Bhatura

Chacha Bhatura - Kamla Nagar Market
North Campus Students swear by it .. Generations of Students have fed themselves on the daily dose of breakfast of Crisp, Hot & Spicy Channa Bhaturas at Chachas ..... Make Fresh & sell fresh is their motto.... If you come in the day time, probably after 2 pm, You may find the shop closed, as they would have sold off their daily quota of Channa & Bhaturaas - "Selective Focus" is the key ... Located Just behing the Back Gate of Kirori Mal College

Chacha ke Bhature @ Kamla Nagar Market

You should go for the Aloo Bhatura.. The Chutney is quite a tangy, spicy treat & quite a chilli bomb on your tongue.. But that deosnt stop the brave foodie from venturing & finding his way

look at the rush...
Sitaram Dewan Chand - PaharGanj Wale
One of the Oldest Shops in Paharganj, serving One of the Best Channa Bhaturas of Delhi, Sitaram Dewan Chand, is the epitome of Old world Delhi Food - Channa Bhaturas ... Place is always jam packed & people happily elbow their way to the Billing Counter to get a grab of their Plate

SitaRam Dewan Chand
Well we will keep adding more Channa Bhaturas on our food exploration journey .... Delhites love their food & their cant be one or 2 places which can feed all the great foodies .. just tried to list few of them .. lot of Local Sweet Shops also dish out this Popular food --- Haldirams, Or EverGreen Sweets in Green Park Market, South Delhi - Om Sweets, Sector 14, Market - Gurgaon

Keep trying & Keep eating the Cholla Bhaturas, but dont forget to wash them down, either with a Tall Glass of Lassi or Hot Chai ...... Enjoy !!!!!!!

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