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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saket- Lebanese Point

Saket Community Center - Long Before when the Hugely Popular Malls of South Delhi , Saketm namely Select CityWalk, DLF , MetroPolitan took over the Scene , PVR Saket Community Center Market, used to be the haven for the Perfect Evenings with Friends ... Come Winters, & this place would be bustling with activity - Youngsters flocking the Place with their dates, Shopping, Pubbing, Birdwatching - this place used to be the hub of all activity .. It also happened to be a Foodies Paradise - with numerous small & big eateries placed in this Community Center Market - Huge number of Pubs also continue to adorn the place, with a Lot of Office Goers dropping in for a drink with colleagues in the Evenings

Eateries still doing good business in Saket Market
One of the Oldest & Most Popular Eating Joint here happen to be the Lebanese Point & the Kathi Roll Joint - I have seen these outlets for more than 13 years in this market . The Lebanese Point, is also one of the places that serves one of the best Shawarmas in Delhi - (This Outlet deserves a special mention in my blog on the Best Shawarmas -  ) It also offers some other variety in Lebanese food & offers some great Khaboos (Bread), Hummus & Falafel ,..

Outlet is still packed ...
We Order Our fare of Full Grilled Chicken .. Very Mildly Spiced, grilled to perfection in the Grilling Chamber, its actually a mouth watering experience watching the Chicken Being Grilled ... The Chicken rotates slowly over the heavy flames, one can see the Juices flowing in the Chamber .... light salt, lightly spiced with herbs ,,, its quite the health Snack - Unless you spoil it with its side condiments .... A heavy Garlic Dip, Raddish, Hummus paste ........ Garlic Maynonaise along with the Nice, Grilled Chicken, is a great combo

Grilled Chicken with Dips, Raddish, Hummus...hmmmm

The All Time Favorite @ Lebanese Point - the Delicious, Juicy, succulent Shawarma .... The Bread is not too crsip nor too soft - just right texture , & right thickness ... Splashed with huge amount of Garlic Dip, Each Bite of the Shawarma, is a Juicy bite, thansk to the generous dose of tomatoes & leaves the mouth a Liquidy & a little tasty greasy taste

Shawarmas being made....Tomatoes add the Juice
 See the Grilling Chamber, where the Chicken is being Grilled

Chamber for Griling the Chicken....see the Flames
 Ambience - 9 (esp in winters)
Taste - 8
Hygiene - 7
Value for Money - 6

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