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Friday, July 8, 2011

BreakFast -The King Meal of the day

Foodie Delights - Break The Fast

Probably for me, its the best meal of the day. Once done with Dinner, thoughts for the morning breakfast rule the mind & the already salvating tongue just wets up a little more......Unlike the Typical Lunch & Dinner, Breakfast is free from the convenional Mould - You just have to be little creative & Any thing goes for this Morning King Meal, unlike Lunch or Dinner, where options seem to be limited.

Just Imagine, You cook up some Pasta for Lunch, It might sound cool to eat though, But your tummy may not get its fill, or it may be too much of flour(maidaa) to digest. Chinese may be too oily for your tase buds.

For the Average household , Lunch/ Dinner seems to be pretty much a Regular fair of Daal,Sabji, Roti, Rice, Curd, Salad etc etc..the Variety of Vegtables & Daal may change, but the basic structure, Look & feel of the meal is the same

But Breafast is different, with Options Galore---- The Big, Crispy Bhatura coming out of the Fry Pan, Serve it with some Spicy Cholley, Onions, Spiced Green Chilly & you are on a Roll.....Just Imagine the Color Gamut, Black Cholley, white Onions, Green Chilly, Golden Yellow Bhatura...Vow Mini rainbow on my plate

The Simply Divine Puri......You can have it Plain with ajwain & salted, Dry aloo subji, Aloo Curry & its just a scintillating affair with the palate. The Stuffed Kachori with Tamarind Chutney can also pack a Punch....

If you are the Heavy Eater Category Like me, you just cant ignore the poultry pack....The Eggs---If variety is the Spice of Life , Then Eggs are really my bet for Spicing up yoru Life...what all variety this beautiful looking, nutrient filled thing lends itself to...Omelettes- (Theres a whole world to what all Omelettes you can make with Egg - Masala, Chese, Chicken, Keema, Spanish), Boiled Eggs(Hard / Soft) , Scrambled Eggs, The all time Classic Egg Bhurji, Half Fried Eggs, Poached Eggs, French Toast....Wuff...I am already feeling bad for not having enough today

You may also make a Power meal out of your breakfast - If you add some more members of the Poultry family - Sausages (Regular, Paprika), Salaami, Some Eggs served with a Cold Glass of Fresh Juice, some Golden Crisp whole wheat brown bread, with a dash of Butter, some aromatic coffee & I am done..... Proteins, Carbo, Vitamins, Fat...... thats a Power Punch breakfast

Parathas- In the Bollywood Flick, "Singh is King" Akshay Kumar commented, that Paratha is the national breakfast of Punjab, Infact it holds true for most of North India... The Paratha still rules the roost for most of the Breakfast tables....
A medium to heavy Paratha cooked in Desi Ghee with Ajwain, Little salt, small Dollop of butter, with a strong cup of meethee Chai, and you are on a Power trip man

The ever Humble Kandha Poha of Maharashtra has made its graceful presence in quite a few household across India, especially the breakfast table.....with every state localising it with their love... The South Indian Snacks are made forbreakfast every fortnight in Our family. Idlis, Upma, Vadas - Aloing with the basic & simple Coconut Tomato Chutney, These snacks have become a hit in quite a lot of households

In Bhopal, Poha with Jalebi as an all time Killer Combo....Rabri- Jalebi in Kanpur..., Bidai Kachori with Lassi in Agra, Cholle Bhature of Delhi

For the Diet Conscious, Milk with Corn Flakes, Dhaliya, Fruits Basket, they all seem to just go so well with the breakfast.... the Original Tiffin King, Bread Butter, Bread Jam are still as popular...Croissants, Hash Brown, for the Exquiste Touch, the breakfast menu just seems to be growing large....

Speaking of the Breakfast Menu, do try the McDonalds Breakfast Menu - The Chicken Sausage Muffin,(The Sausage Pattice is just rightly spiced, not too make the breakfast too spicy & pretty juicy as well )Golden Fried Hashbrown( Have a slight bitter dash at the first bite, But once the aroma & taste of the Hash brown settles down,It just makes the mouth want for more) A Nice & Strong, Cold Coffee to wash this down & you ae set for the Big bad world

The Breakfast list & options seem to be growing strong... & for me definitely is the King Meal for the Day...Till The Time,The World wakes up to the Options & power of a Great BreakFast, Keep Breaking the Fast... Happy Eating


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