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Sunday, December 4, 2011

World of Pattice

The World of Pattice or Patties - or simply pronunced pattic..... Have come to become one of the best known evening snacks available ... Imagine a Light  Brown Crispy, Fluffy Crust on inside, loaded with lots of ghee or oil, & filled with heaveny stuffings ..... Fragile Crisp on outside, fluffy, crispy flakes , with lots of flakes acoming out with every bite ...The Layers of the dough are nicely laden with oil & mix so well with the stuffings, mixing the oil flavor with the stuffing ...There are a variety of stuffings used in the ever popular pattice - Vegetable, Panneer, Cheese, Chicken, Mutton, Mushroom ....

Pattice also have their little shapes & sizes with each shape depicting some message or associated with a particular stuffing - Bakers, Shopkeepers, also try & keep different shapes for the Pattice, in order to differentiate between the Stuffings they offer ..The Expensive or better the Stuffing, generally smaller the size for the Pattice --- Chicken Pattice generally would be round & smaller than a Paneer Patty or smaller than even a Vegetable Pattice

Triangluar Shape Pattice being the most Popular & conventional shape for pattice which is used generally for Vegetable Pattice only
Traingular Shaped Pattice

Rectangular Pattice are generally used for Paneer or Cheese Pattice . although there is no difference between the tastes which one gets from the different shapes.......

Round Shape Pattice are generally used for Mushroom, Chicken or Paneer Fillings .... Pattice are one of the Most Important Snacks on any Bakery Shops Menu .. So Common, so Important, yet so understated ..... Many Office Goers, look upto pattice as one of the preferred, quick fix emergeny food.....Have a Look at any of the Majr Office or commercial Hubs, & you will find hordes of Vendors, Bakery shops, small eateries, Even Small Kirana Shops, stocking up on the crispy pattice .....

Hmmm Crispy & Flaky Pattice

During my Engineering Days Pattice used to be one of the best comfort foods for me .... 2-3 Hot Cups of tea along with 3 Crisp, Fresh, Hot Vegetable Pattice & you would have finished your reasonably oily & heavy breakfast in just about Rs 20/==== Quite good for perenially Cash Crunched Students .... One of the favorite Evening Snacks, Delicious, Greasy, Fresh , Crisp, Flaky - best enjoyed with a Cup of Hot Tea....

Round Crisp Pattice

Do explore the world of Pattice- at your Local Bakery Shop, Mithai Wala, Kiraana Store

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