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Friday, December 30, 2011

Lays Baked Chips - New Packing

Its all about the Packaging these days .... Atleast thats what the Big world of Marketing believes so strongly in ... Even Food is all about Packaging ...I just came across a Newly Packaged or rather repackaged & Rebranded Offering from one of the Most Popular Brand of Wafers - Lays -- Yup the same one, with Saif AL Khan & MS Dhoni, being the Brand ambassadors - The One which makes you Dillogical - The One where, No  One can have just one -- How True ???

I was introduced to this new Product From Lays - The Baked Chips ----- Vow, Looks like an Interesting Concept . The Wafers Market has definitely seen some Big action  exciting flavors - With Bingo, Hippos - Promoting Innovative Munchies & Wafers -- The Lays Offering of Baked Chips, Looks set to take the Wafer Market war to a different segment ..

May be the adult Customer base, or the Diet Conscious or the weight watchers - I dont happen to be in the last two and definitely not the Foodie bretheren, would be too proud to be in those 2 categories..Lot of us have a lot of Fond memeories of Our Childhood Food & Wafers seem to top the Junk Food List for Kiddos .... From the Numerous Local Brands of Chips, to the Branded Wafers - Namely Uncle Chips, Now Lays, Bingos, Crax (Munchies) so on & so forth

I remember one very famous Shop which specialised in Wafers - Called Budhdhanis - This was in Pune & I was an Engineering Student then ... The entire MG road would be filled with the strong smell of the Chips that would emanate out of the Big Budhdhani Shop

Do share your Favorite Chips or wafers from Childhood & Just see, How things are set to change, as Marketers find ways to add new Customers to their base......Till then Have Lays - Baked or Fried ,as you like...

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