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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sweet potato( & Shakargandi) & Corns (Bhutta) - Delhis Winter Snack

As Discussed in my earlier Blog about Delhis Winters & the Food associated with Winters just makes stuff for a legendary romance .. The Beauty . The fog, The winters just make for a Great Evening ...... Shakgandi or sweet Potato is one of the Favorite Evening snack for Delhi esp. in Winters....

Roadside Vendor having selling Sweet Potato Chaat
 ShakarGandi Chaat or Sweet Potato Chaat - is baked . Boiling or steaming , it may not retain its sweetness... Added with Chilli Powder, Zeera Powder, Kaala Namak, a sweet roasted Powder, Lots of lime & you get a Healthy Snack ... Spicy, Chatpataa, Tangy, rich source of Carbohydrates.... Add a bit of the Green Wonder - Amrak, and it makes for a Deadly Dynamite Tangy Chaat ... Amrak is a rich source of Vitamin C....Really really tangy, juicy ....Khataai ka Baap

Look at that...Golden Yellow

The Bhutta being roasted over the Coal ... Look at that beautiful Golden yellow color .....and take a look at the Color that it takes ..... Black dots of roast over the Golden Yellow ..... Rub some spices, Lime Juice & again, a wonderful & healthy Snack -- The Bhutta is a great Companion & snack in the Winters......

Bhutta.... Ready to Eat

Amrak....Tangy, Juicy, Sour, Khatta, ..Khataai ka baap
 Look at that Green Beauty ..Amrak or Star Fruit . It makes for a Great Decoration in Salads and is cut in a Nice star shape .... Really Tangy....

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