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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Republic of Chicken -- Going Strong

The Processed Food & Ready to Eat Food Market is witnessing a Sea Change..With rising disposable Incomes, Rise of Nuclear Families & the DINK Group of Urbn Indians, Shrinking Time for the families to cook, The Processed & Ready to Eat foor Market, was just sitting on the verge of a huge wave which is just now being witnessed..... Reublic of Chicken, is looking set to cash in on this wave of Change of Food habits among the Urban Indians .... Also they seem to be cashing in on the Health Brigade & positioning themselves as a "Chicken" Specialist, with dedicated focus only on the "Chicken" .. All Chicken are equal seems to be their Logo .....With over 15 outlets in Delhi/NCR, they are all set to cash in on the Popularity of Processed food & enjoy a Good presence in the City that Loves its Kukkads & Chicke Shicken....a Big Balle Balle to ROC from the Delhiwallas, with their wide acceptance of ROC & its small eatery formats as well

Look at the Variety

Raw Chicken - They have full Pre Cut Broliers, Chciken Legs Only, Chicken Breast Only, Chicken Wings + Chicken Legs mixture

Ready To eat Variety - Seekh Kababs - Chicken & Mutton, Shaami Kababs - Chicken & Mutton, Punjabi Chicken Sticks, Chicken Satay, Chicken Suasages - Paprika, Frankfurter, Tandoori Chicken Salaami-Pepper, Plain, Pistachew - Chciken Tikkas, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Momos

The Menu.....& Much More
They seem to have kept a very clear focus on Chicken & select Chicken Varieties ... They dont seem to be carrying the Chinese varieties - Manchurianss of the world, which dont taste good as a Processed food or the Thick Curry Items, which some other Chains have on Offer

Some SeaFood On Offer...
 The ColorFul Offer Board Display proudly displays the Spl Offers on Display .. whether its a Combo Pack or some Other Offer

Variety of Pastes & Masalas

Small seating area @ the Outlet

There is a Small seating area at the Outlet, where in people can have some of the Ready to eat varieties .. They Charge about Rs 15-20, and warm up the dishes which you may want to buy, Normally the Chicken Tikkas, Seekh Kababs, or Momos

Amazing Chicken FrankFurter Roll...

Have a Closer Look at the Sausage Roll...

There are some other Joints serving Processed & Ready to eat foods, Namely The Green Chick Shop (They serve varieties of Mutton as well), KhubChand & Bros @ Green Park- which have some of the Best Frozen Seekh Kababs, Touch of Spice etc, whicgh serve great Varieties of the Processed Food..Way to go..But a word of Caution - Processed foods may carry heavy amount of Sodium as preservatives - So Eat with Caution !!!!!

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