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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Sinful foods in Winter

Winters is the time to be  in North & in Delhi .... Delhi winters are something one should experience simply for the reason that it is tolerable & manageable at the same time absolutely enjoyable.......Delhi winters is the time when the foodie is ready to romanticise with the amazing weather , the cold, the Chill, the Fog , The charm that is associated with the winters .... & ready to devour all this out on the street .... Its great to enjoy the Street Food of Delhi...There are some Comfort food of the Delhi Winters, which can be enjoyed best on the Streets of Delhi, especially in the Late Evenings filled with smoke, fog, & mist......

1.  Enjoy the Hot, Piping & Steamy Soups & the Spicy, Chilly Noodles .... A Sureshot remedy to Open blocked noses ... A Hot, steamy Cup of Soup along with the Spicy & Chilly Noodles, is all set to open your nostrils & you are set to swet in this cold weather... A tantalising trip for the Taste Buds

2. Hot Gulab Jamun - a Hot Piece of Gulab Jamun dipped in the steaming Chaashney or the Sweet Dip, is as heavenly as any food item can get ......Imagine having a Bite of the Hot, steamy Gulaab Jamun in the Chilly Winter Evening.....

3. Ice Creams - This is Probably one of the Sinful meals in Winters ... Cold Ice Cream on a Cold, Winter Night, is as sinful as any food can get .. Theres also a great sense of thrill and excitement having an Ice Cream on a Cold Chilly winter Night

4. Tea - Bread Pakora - If you are back from your Morning Walk or gone to drop off Kids at the Bus Stand for their School Bus, You would not mind stopping by at a small roadside vendor offering, Tea, Bread Pakoras & Samosas .....Nice way to heat up things on a Very Cold & Lazy Morning

5. Gajrelaa or Gaajar ka Halwaa, as Delhites call it fondly.. Best time to have Gaajar ka halwa is Winters .... A Nice, Hot & steaming Cup of Slightly reddish, brown, Gaajar ka halwaa, cooked in Pure Desi Ghee .. Loaded with Lots of Dry Fruits, Cashew, Raisins, Cardomon, Saffron - This Sweet is a Sure Winner in Winters

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