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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kathi Rolls - The Smart Street Food

Popularised a Great Deal in the Eastern Part of the Country, Kathi Rolls have been almost glamorised as Kolkatta Kathi Rolls...There is nothing that can mathc the pleasure of having a really Oily, Crispy Maida Roll ,stuffed with a Spicy Chicken Stuffing, sauted & fried Onions, Shades of Sauces - Red Chilli Sauce, Green Chilli Sauce, Coriander - wrapped in a small Paper & handed over to you for a bite ..... Imagine biting that highly spicy, Crsipy, really Oily & filled with loads of Chatapatta spices & biting this in the Chilly winters of Delhi & north ... This is a real Comfort food for the Soul

Just Like Momos, which are now available in almost every nook & corner of Delhi, esp, in winters, Kathi Rolls joint are almost omni Present across the length & breadth of Delhi...A Flat Round Bread made out of Maidaa Dough is placed on the Giant Tawa ... Mix of Onions, Cabbage, little salt, red chilli, spices, ketchup, chilli sauce , lots of oil are thrown on the tawa & the mix is given a good & hearty mix .... The Chicken Gravy, is also sauted on the tawa ... An Egg is broken on the Bread & spread over the bread evenly.....
The Onion Mix, Chicken Gravy are then placed over the bread roll & folded into a roll wrapped in a tissue paper The succulent chunks of chicken retain their Juice

"Nizams Kathi Roll" in Connaught Place has been serving one of the best Kathi Rolls in New Delhi for a Long Long Time... A really really oily & crsipy Paratha , quite big, full & a meal in itself'
Zaika Kathi Rolls, based in Sec 18 Market, Noida - also serves some really lip smacking Kathi Rolls
De Pauls - Based at GK-1, Janpath, have been serving really fantastic Kathi Rolls for some time in adddition to their fantastic Sandwiches & Cold Coffee
CR Park MARKET, also houses quite a few Kathi Roll vendors trying to sell some what similar version of the Kolkatta Kathi Roll
PVR Saket Market Complex - also serves some Local Kathi Roll vendors, who sell this really hot & spicy snack

Hot, Crisp, Oily & Spicy Kathi Roll.......

Best had in winters, on the street, with a really spice & tangy dip, mixs with the Chicken & Onion Spices


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