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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sattu ke parathe at JNU Delhi

Last Sunday after my walk, yes thats Right, I am regular with my walks now.. I manage an early morning walk almost 5 times a week, which is not bad..Weekends is generally quite a hectic walk schedule, lasting an hour and about 6+ Kms ... After this kind of activity, a nice breakfast is well deserved & well earned .. In my quest for a decent breakfast went to the Jawahar Lal University Campus, or JNU as its fondly called, on the African Avenue ..... Home to thousands of Students, at Graduate, Post Graduate, PhD Courses, Faculty - JNU has more than a dozen of small & Big Canteens, which feed the thousands of students from Difenferent parts of the Country....Differentt Religions, Castes, Ethnicities, JNU is almost a Pot Pourri, of Ideas, Thoughts, Brains & Even food .....

The Beautiful JNU Campus..

Look at the Beautiful, Peaceful, Calm, Serene, breath Catching beauty of this JNU Campus.....Who wouldnt want to spend time here, who wouldnt want to eat here ... who wouldnt want to Study Here ???????

Serene, quite & peaceful....

Another Intellectual Conference...

I have been to the JNU campus on a number of occassions before for my after walk breakfast on the weekends...and have managed to get a Fair Bit of varierty at the Different Hostels for the different Hostels..Bread Omelette - the Very Basic, Golden Brown, almost a little burnt kind of omelette, Tomato & Vegetable Maggi, Parathas & Subji, Puri Subji, Bread Butter, Cholle Bhature ... Have tried some of the basic breakfas varieties...

This Time i was directed to the Purva Hostel Canteen, which serves some Very Good Sattu Parathas ... Now Sattu is a very Popular Ingredient used in Bihari Cooking ... The Famous Liththi Chokha of Bihar, makes use of the Sattu- which is a Chickpea Flour or Raosted Channa ka Ataa.... The Canteen Serves 2 types of Parathaas - Aloo & Sattu .... served with a Spicy Aloo curry .. The Curry will remind you of your Typical Mess food with the Potato skin not being peeled off ..... The Chai is thick, Milky, little strong & too sweet..Perfect to go with the Spicy Sattu ... Meal for 2 People - 3 Sattu Parathas / 2 Aloo Parathas / 3Cups of tea, for Rs 40/= is worth a try + the beautiful serene surroundings of JNU -- Its just great !!!!!

Local Canteen serving Breakfast for students

Parathas with Spicy Aloo Curry  Chaiiiiii...

Satuu ka Paratha..
The Campus Gate


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