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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sushi Rolls

Sushi seems to have arrived Big Time in India with Lots of Indians Celebrating this Favorite dish of Japan..With a no of Japanese Speciality Restaurants coming up, Sushi has now come to be accepted as a Favorite Snack for Indians .....I happened to Visit, Sushiya,, a Japanese Speciality take away joint, at Select City Walk Mall, Saket. Sushi is basically made out of Fermentation of Rice using Vinegar & the fish proteins are broken into amino acids ..... High quality of Raw Fish , typically Salmon or Tuna is used in the Sushi

Look at the Interesting mix of Sushi stuffed in Plastic Box packing...Look at the Color Gamut..Yellow, white, Orange...

The raw fish are generally preserved at-20 c in the freezer, a couple of days & then stored at Normal temp to be consumed..... Served with Vinegar dipped Ginger Flakes, Wasabi Dip - a highly Pungent dip made of Japanese Raddish, mustard & some Oil ...Very Pungent Dip..... a sweet Soya dip is also added on the rice cubes....

Slight smell of the raw fish, sesame seeds loaded, Sweetness of Soya Sauce, Wasabi- Highly dynamic & Pungent mix.....Coldness of the Rice, sourness of Vinegar, slight sweet dash of Soya, probably helps neutralise the fishy smell of the raw fish

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