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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Foodie Delights Goes to Mumbai

No No No...Foodie Delights has not shifted to Mumbai ... Just happened to Visit Mumbai for some Official work a Couple of weeks back .. And as mentioned in my earlier Posts as well, Mumbai is where I ate some of my best Campus foods ... When Street Food ws fashionable, Classy, stylish, Intellectual, and of course, the most prudent thing to do .. Especially when one is hanging around in Female Company & Chivalry has to prevail, and the GentleMan pays --Its so cool, ok & quite intelligent to be paying for street food only ... For a Budget of few thousands (in Single Digits) for the entire month - Candelight Dinners in High End Glamorous restaurants, would leave one with money left , sufficient to buy just a few Candles...

Qasim Andaa Wala- Quite a Popular Joint
Mumbai also happens to be a Street Food Explorers fantasy ... I can bet the Street food variety one can getin Mumbai, and I can bet my 3 years of massive, explosive & persasive Street food eating experince, in Mumbai, that its reasonably hygienic as well....Vada Paav, Misal Paav, Daabeli, Bhaji Pav, Kandha Pav, Bun Butter, Omelette Pav, Egg Pulao or Baidaa Pulao, Pav Bhaji, Spl Veg Sandwiches, Misal Pav, Usal Pav......

Have a Look at this ..Jumbo King...Chain of Outlets selling Vada Pav- Grilled Buns, Butter Vada Pav..They have more than 30+ small outlets in Mumbai .. Spread across the City, Outside stations .....
JumboKing ..Mumbais Corporatised Vada Pav Chain

Jumbo King Outside Andheri W station

View Outside Maharaja.....Evening Hang Out for Office Goers

The Very Crispy & Crunchy ..Crispy Chicken@ Maharaja

Salt & Pepper Chicken@ Maharaja

This is another Popular Street Food Joint in Bandra, Mumbai...Jai Jawaan - 2 Sikhh run this Outlet for the last so many years .. Serving some Lip smacking Non Vegetarian stuff ... Kababs, Fried Chicken, Fish Fry, Chicken Tikkas ..But most of the stuff served is Fried & not the Regular Tandoori, which one associates with Punajbi & especially Typical Sikh Food......May Frying helps them to Churn out the dishes very fast....and looking at the Huge Rush, that seems to be the basic requirement
Jai Jawaan @ Bandra

Another Hugely Popular, Iconic & a Foodies haven is a Restaurant Called Luckys .. From the time i got down at Bandra station & started asking way to this restaurant, It seemed to me, that People were just rushing to go there only .. Everybody seemed to Know where Luckys restaurant is ......All hands pointed in One direction ..... and the Scene Outside suggested so ..At 11:40 pm, on a Week day, we had to wait for almost 15 minutes to enter the Outlet.. which means at 11:55 pm, we entered the Outlet..Half of my City, Delhi is asleep by this time & here you are, at 12 PM in the Night, the restaurant is Jam packed, and the waiter regretfully informed , that now a days on weekdays, they took orders till 1PM only......

Luckys Biryanis is Supposed to be heavenly, and a must have ..... Now being a Delhite & a foodie, myself how could i not try something different & create a signature, which I am glad I did..The Biryani was Over, when we reached , so we ordered some Usual Tikkas, Chicken Pulao & Mutton Pulao...The Pulaos were pretty average .. But One Food Item, which still stuck with me & I feel its one of the Most Unbelievable food I have eaten im long time .. It was the Chicken Capstal Rice....... It is a Greatly Marinated & well done Tandoori Chicken, which is simmered under, a Heavy Chicken fried Rice, with Lots of Eggs, Green peas, Onions, Garlic.....Vow...what a Concept .. The Light subtle flavors of the Chinese rice mix well with the robust & spicy Tandoori Chicken Masala & make a great combo for the taste buds...

The Best Caramel Custard


It truly is One of the Best Caramal Custards, I have eaten,,, Great taste, Perfect Consistency, Smooth Texture, Light sweet, great flavor of Caramel....Brilliant

Omelette & Andaa Bhurji at Qurshids in Juhu

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