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Friday, July 8, 2011

Breakfast @ Andhra Bhawan

Located on the Famous Ashoka Road, Near Connaught place is the Andhra Bhawan Canteen...Its quite a Popular eatery for Hyderabadi Food & some nice South Indian Snacks
Breakfast starts at 7.00 am in the Morning & goes on till 10.00 pm. One can see the quite a lot of early morning walkers, coming to Andhra Bhawan to have their breakfast. The seating Capacity will be around 40-45 people & looks quite spacious even at Full capacity.. The Menu is limited, probably helps in Having a Low number of Items on the Menu ,as the Turnaround time can be much faster
We Order for 2 Breakfast Menus . Its generally a Fixed Fair, with 1 Piece each of Masala Dosa, Idli & Vada.. The Service is quite Prompt as we get the Idli & Vada in under 3 Minutes..Served along with Sambhar & Coconut Chutney.... The Sambhar, was pretty unusual from what I have had.. It was very mild compared to the Hot & spicy Sambhar, which one gets at Other restaurants.. It tasted more like a Mildly Spiced Daal, with Coriander being a Very Prominent flavour in the Sambhar.
The Idli was quite dry for my liking & lacked the Freshness . The Vada was lightly spiced, hot & crisp, & quite nice to eat...
Masala Dosa, was actually smaller than the Normal Dosas. The Aloo & Pyaaz Filling inside the Dosa seemed Pretty generous for the size of the Dosa
Filter Coffee was very very strong & was not Hot enough... If you Like your Coffees to be steaming Hot, then the Coffee at Andhra Bhavan disappoints...Reheating , does alter the taste of the beverage & its unlikely to taste the same as when made fresh
For Rs 50for a Breakfast, which Includes the Coffee, its worth an Experience once. Do Visit at Lunch Time, have heard the Hyderabad Dum Biryani rocks

Taste – 6
Value For Money – 8
Ambience - 6

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