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Friday, July 8, 2011

Foodie Delights - Shawarmas@ AlBake

Shawarma - The famous lebanese dish, made hugley popular in Delhi by one of the Pioneers of quality Road side eating in Delhi, Albake at New Friends Colony.You name shawarmas & Probably the first place that comes to mind is Al Bake. Started as a Tiny Little shop, tucked away in one Corner of the Popular New Friends Colony Market, or NFC as its called, Al Bake has 2 restaurants, One is a Very Prominent Mass market eatery & the 2nd something of a mix between mass market & relaxed family dining restaurant

One of the Biggest hits & most Popular Anytime Snack of Al Bake is its Shawarma..I have been a regular at this place since the last 10 years.The ever so exotic lebanese delicacy has been made hugely popular among delhites by Al Bake.The Bread for shawarma is approx- 3.5" dia, with a good mix of juicy Chicken, which is being grilled as a stack.. small chunks of chicken are cut form the stack on to the big Tawa & mixed with a generous does of tomatoes, Coriander, Onions a special masala, Ingredients of which are very closely guarded..The clittering noise of the knife on the Big tawa, also adds to the fun of dolling out this delicacy.The chicken mix is put on the mayonaise coated bread & served with a Home made rich & thick mayonaise dip, along with a Curd & mint chutney to give a Juicy & tasty bite

The Delectable Shawarma with a thick Mayonaise Dip
I have always seen this place heavily crowded, & most people who come to Al Bake, never fail to order the shawarma.. Not being too spicy, it serves as a nice appetiser... Priced at Rs 30, Its a Must try...Students in and around the Jamia Univesrsity, the families at Jamia, Food lovers, throng this place often, to catch a quick snack..I have seen an equal number of shawarmas being packed for delivery as are being sold at the restaurant

Succulent Hyderabadi Mutton Gravy at Al Bake

Other Favourites here - Afghani Chicken, Fried Chicken Nuggets with Chilly sauce, Hyderabadi Biryani, are a must try, If you dont mind to mingle with the masses, or dont mind some the sight of dishes being washed just behing your back, Albake is the place to visit. You may also visit their family restaurant to have a relaxed evening

Tandoori Chicken @ Al Bake

Ambience - 6
Value for Money -9
Taste - 9
Hygeine - 7
"As Long as the taste is Divine, Hygeinge is your problem not mine"

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