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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kandys @ KalkaJi

Thats right !!! the name is Kandys & not Candys... But this small liitle pastry shop & Bakery is much more than Candys...If you are coming from the Famous Nehru place market... from The First round about of Kalkaji, take a left & move about 50 meters..On your left hand side, you will find Kandys

Kalkajis very own Pastry Shop cum Cool Hang Out pLace.. One should visit this place in the evening, when young girls & boys from Kalkaji, throng this place for their bit of fun...For them it looks like the safe haven for a safe date, a Local neighbourhood dating joint.........They also have an amazing bakery, which serves some delicious biscuits & brownies & lot of families keep replenishing their stocks of fancy biscuits from Kandys.. Kandy also has quite a range of Snacks & Pastries to Offer..... In Sadwiches they serve – Chicken Plain Sndwich, Chicken Salami Sandwich( This is a Home made kind of Sandwich – with pieces of Chicken Salami placed between Sandwich bread & tonnes of Home Made Mayonaise is applied on the bread) Chicken Grilled Sandwich..... They also serve nice Chicken Chops, which are deep fried & served with Coleslaw......

The Mutton Seekh Roll is my big favourite here ... One Piece if Mutton seekh is placed in a pattice... If you have ever eaten a cream roll, you would know the shape of Roll....In a similar manner, the Mutton Seekh is placed inside the dough..... & baked.. the Oil of the Mutton & the Oil applied for baking, mix perfectly well & leave a beautiful, oily & greasy roll.......The Mutton seekh is pretty fresh & not too spicy...... The Chicken Salaami Sandwich, was too sweet for my liking & tasted a little sweet, because of the excessive mayonnaise.....The Chicken Sandwich is pretty basic....Cold Sandwich with lots of home made Coleslaw – Mayonaise, Cabbage, Carrot, & fresh chicken....... at Rs 30 for a Chicken Sandwich, and Rs 35 for Chicken Salaami Sandwich,,,,,the Prices are reasonable & thats why the students & youngsters flock this place

Kandys also serve the Kathi Rolls, Footlongs, Pizzas, Cutelettes, Burgers, Pattice, Rolls ..... all are reasonably priced.....
Kandys also has a decent range of Pastries for its young patrons..But the main business seemed to be the Hugely Popular biscuits, which seem to be a bigger hit among the Locals.....

Taste – 8
Value for Money – 8
Hygiene -8
Ambience - 7

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