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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sanjha Chullah @ Kailash Colony

Foodie Delights - Sanjhaa Chullah @ Kailash Colony

If you are a self obsessed foodie & happen to stay in South Delhi, Then Sanjhaa Chullah is one place you ought to know. One of the Oldest Tandoori &Bar Be Que shops in South Delhi . In the earlier days, when the party would warm up late, & you want your bite of fresh & steamy non vegetarian food, after the round of drinks then Sanjhaa chullah used to be the best bet. It was the Late Night foodies favourite place to visit

Started as a small Tandoor shop from a Khokha in the Kailash Colony V egetable market , Sanjhaa Chulha has now grown to be a very Popular fine dining restaurant as well.... & the transformation has been smooth .. There was a time, when Sanjhaa chullah was frequented only by late night drinkers, & in the process had started earning a bad name, But things have taken a dramatic turn. It now boasts of the Original Take away & Home delivery Joint along with the Family restaurant that has been successfully operating since
The Tandoori Dishes are the real hot sellers apart from their indigenous curries. The Seekh rolls are a big hit here . Mutton Seekh Roll – with 2 Pieces of Juicy, tender Mutton Seekh, stuffed on , Delhis Favorite Roomali roti, with spices, Onions & chutney... Served with Vinegar soaked red onions & the dynamite mint chutney, its a real spicy Roll

Tandoori chicken is really succulent, mildly spiced & correct amount of crispness.. In the Curries, The Tawa Seekh Gravy / Tawa Chicken Tikka is a hugely Popular dish & worth trying .. A rich curry of Tomatoes, ginger, garlic & Vinegar, Makes the tawa Seekh a real tangy, spicy gravy dish. It may not be too pleasant the next morning, but for the foodie, everything goes

The real winner & probably the most underrated dish here is the “Methi Chicken” ...... The gracy is a rich curry with los of cream, Dry Fruits, Milk, lots of Methi , tender pieces of Chicken & you get a brilliant, spicy, slight dash of sweet, but an amazing curry to eat. Its one of the most tasty & rich curries I have tasted..Simply awesome

The stuffed Naans, are quite brilliant as well. Especially the Aloo-Paneer mix Naan, quite nice & crisp, with a good flavour of ajwain, a real tasty bite

Must Try – Seekh Rolls , Tandoori Chicken , Tawa Chicken / Tawa Seekh Gravy, Methi Chicken

Do visit when you are in Kailash Colony next
Ambience – 6
Taste - 8
Value for Money – 8
Hygeine - 9

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