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Monday, July 18, 2011

Delhis Nirulas

Nirulas - Speak to any Delihite, who has spent his growing up years in Delhi,about his memories & experience of Nirulas, and you are bound to evoke many emotions. Started Delhis First Fast Food restaurant in Connaught place in 1977... Any body who has grown up in Delhi from the late 1970s, will have great & fond memories of the Nirulas …

For many Delhities, Nirulas would have served as the rendezvous of their first date, for many it would have been a place to impress their Clients, some would have concluded their pre marriage meetings here, Many a school kids have flocked Nirulas after every Exam drenched them of their energies & vigor, just to rejuvenate & come back again, Probably your First big Birthday treat, when especially the Guest List would boast of beautiful girls from School / College , theres a good probability that Nirulas would have hosted many such Birthday treats

Simply because, till late 1990s, if there was anything that gave Delhites, a close look, touch & taste of the ever so enchanting western cuisine, it was Simply Nirulas…. If way back in early 90s, if your ostentatious aunt, would come down from the kanedaa (Canada)…..and worry about their Little kids lack of the favorite junk food, then Nirulas was your only bet to make them feel at home – as this was the only place serving Americas favorite food back then – Burgers, Fries, Foot Longs,Pizzas

Juicy Mutton Burger
Chees Garlic Toast

Well Nirulas has come a very long ways since then & been keeping up & survived against the onslaught of the all Powerful American Chains Like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC – all taking the fast food quick service Restaurants & Indian Consumers eating out experience to the next level

Nirulas has done quite a bit of revamping ever since the entry & meteoric rise of Chains Like McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc… One of the Nice Nirulas Outlet, apart from the Immensely Popular, Connaught Place is the One at East of Kailash . I have been a regular here at the East of Kailash Outlet & have witnessed many a Revamping & renovation, to suit the tastes & moods of the fast changing & emerging Young Indian Consumers Lifestyle

Last Sunday Lunch was a feast at the Nirulas, East of kailash with the family….. The All time hit & Popular Pizza is the Cheese, Capsicum, Onion Pizza .. Basic, Simple but very effective in engaging the taste buds….Its something, your mom can probably cook by now in the Oven….& The Nirulas Pizaa has a nice home made taste …. The Mutton Sausage, again was pretty delightful … pretty different from all Sausage Pizzas ever eaten…Nicely spiced,, The Sausage qty on the pizza looks pretty decent for me, loaded with Plain Cheese .. quite yummy ….. The Mutton Keema Pizza, is also one of the hot favorites among students..I remember, in School days, it used to be my favorite as well .. The Mutton Mince put on the pizza is nicely cooked in spices (Lot of Garlic, Onion, Tomatoes , Garam Masala) & then the mince is placed on the pizza … that’s why the Topping has a nice well cooked spicy flavor….One thing you will realize as you dig into the pizzas, is that the Pizza Base @ Nirulas is one of the best you will get….Even the Regular Pizza base @ Nirulas, is thinner than the Thin Crust Base at some of the MNC pizza Chains , & its also quite crisp & light, unlike the dough filled pizza bases of other chains

The Delicious Indianised Keema Pizza

Chilly Chicken Pizza

The Chicken Chops at Nirulas, again take the Cake….. One Medium to Large piece of Chicken Breast, Golden Deep Fried, & served with fresh home made Coleslaw & a Bread …. The Chicken Chop reminds one of the unique continental flavors, that one associates with English food & Cutlettes…..The Mustard sauce also greatly enhances the taste of the Chicken Chop…I strongly feel that the Mustard sauce , served at Nirulas is one of the best in Delhi, very strong, Pungent, Tangy,,, great to go with Continental & Italian Food

The Chicken Big Boy Burger, is a must must try .. Its divine & also quite heavy & fattening …. Served with Chips & Hashbrown, The Patty is a golden deep fried piece of fine minced chicken, & has all the wonderful continental flavors, nicely spiced served along with a Crisp, Lightly salted Hash brown – makes for a great snack

The Chicken wings, were probably the surprise pack of the meal…. 6 Pieces of chicken wings,,, sauted very fine with a wonderful Bar be Que sauce…. The Bar be Que sauce, has a nice sweet, spicy & tangy flavor, pretty nice & crsip

I have tried the Nirulas Kathi rolls also & was quite impressed .. Perhaps that’s the only item on the menu which is priced at Less than 50/ & is a nice bite …… One Egg beaten on the Bread Roll on the pan,,,,, Topped with Onions, spices & the Chicken Masala filling ,.. served with Onions, an amazing Fresh Mint chutney, the Kathi roll, has an amazing & refreshing taste…..& not too heavy like the Conventioanl Kathi Rolls

Desserts is the forte of Nirulas ---- When it comes to Desserts, Ice creams, very few can match the range, variety & the richness that Nirula offers.. Be it the Hugely Popular Sundaes, Hot Chocolate Fudge, or the Naughty Banana Split, Mango Tango or simply the Scoops in Cup, Cones or Waffles… Nirulas Ice creams are just as relevant & popular as they were 30 years ago.. while the Popularity of Sorbets, Gelatos, Low fat Curds, Ice creams is on the rise, especially with the Health Conscious Young & Old Indian, But a Dash of the Old fashioned 2 Scoops of Rich, Thick, Creamy, made from Full Cream Milk, Ice Cream with Loads of Sugar, Butter & Calories, is always welcome, as you can diet another day

Do try their Indian Cuisine, and Kabab Platters as well . Amazing Range & variety of food

Taste – 9

Value for Money – 6.5

Hygiene – 9

Ambience - 8


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