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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mughlai @ Minars GK-1

One of the Oldest restaurants in Delhi serving the best Mughlai Food.... Minar & Moti Mahal in the Plush GK-1, of Souh Delhi have been the torch bearers of the vintage Mughlai Cusine . Even in Fast Changing times, when tastes, Lifestyles, preference, even eating habits change, Minar has been amazingly consistent in serving the Mughlai & Indian Cuisine

Located very close to one of the exits of the exciting & full of activity, M Block GK -1 market...Once you enter the restaurant, you get a feeling of an almost warm, cosy & comfortable ambience. Lot of families are seated & can be seen enjoying a hearty meal . They also have a Bar & Offer good discounts on the Alcohol- 50% off from Afternoon till 9.30 pm, & 25% - 9.3 pm onwards

For starters we ordered the Chicken Burra full & the Chinese Chilly chicken.... The Burra took almost 25 minutes to come & actually tested our patience, But all i can say, it was worth the wait... The Chicken was perfectly done, the masala of the Burra didn’t seem to strong .... The masala was well spread & absorbed in the meat as well as the Bones.......8 Pieces with Bones was quite a good appetiser .. The Chinese Chilly Paneer was anything Chinese, or anything Chilly, But was quite to my Liking.. The Paneer was deep fried with a nice & mil batter was quite juicy soft to bite , Unlike when you have too much batter on the Paneer & it becomes brittle on frying... This paneer was lightly spiced & very succulent --- Even the Capsicum & Onions were well done

Now time for the Main Course..... Chicken Tikka Masala (Boneless) & Malai Kofta..... The First words that came out of my mouth when i put the first bite of the Tandoori roti dipped with the masala & a small piece of Chicken, was “Oh My God” & this actually says a lot about the taste of the Food, if on the very first bite, You feel so kicked... I have to say, this is the best Chicken Tikka Masala, i have eaten in a long long time......

The Gravy was full of a very thick Onion Coating, with Loads of Butter.. The Gravy was salty because of the thick, cream butter that seemed to have added all the richness to the gravy ..... Also lot of tomatoes, Cream, Garlic, Coriander.. Methi seemed to be a pretty strong flavour as well,,... It was not too spicy, bu  t little salty for my Liking, which i felt could be because of the butter. The Chicken Tikka pieces were again quite tender, soft & quite nicely retained the flavour of the tandoor & bar be que

The Greasy & Delicous Tikka Masala

The Malaai Kofta, was pretty different from the ones you normally have at other Mughlai restaurants.. It was not at all sweet, & again had a thick, creamy & salty flavour thanks to the generous amount of butter being used in preparing the gravy
The Breads again were very noteworthy... The tandoori roti, was pretty light, crisp & thin & the dough seemed amazingly fresh

The ambience is perfect for a good meal with the family, The service was a little slow though....& well the Prices are a Little steep, in comparison to the average portions they serve
Do try their Butter Chicken, Chicken &Mutton Pulao as well

Taste -8.5
Ambience – 8
Hygiene – 8
Value for Money - 7

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