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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Uncles Restaurant @ Noida Sec 10

This Place has gained immense popularity thanks to many of the offices that throng this market in Noida. HCL being one of the main Organisations with so many of its Offices, spread across Noida . Many a times, during our Month end Operations, we have ordered food from this restaurant, & its been a saviour, serving the most delicious food, that too in quick time

Today i decided to try the food directly at their restaurant at the Sector 10 Market....The restaurant has a nice, Homely, comfortable & cosy kind of feel about it.. It is a 35-40 seater capacity restaurant..The lighting was just perfect.. There was nice light music being played in the background.. Looks to me, That if these guys get the Bar License, this might be a perfect place for a Resto – Bar Thin, where once can have 2-3 drinks, at reasonable prices & have great food too

We Order the Restaurant Favourite Butter Chicken (Boneless) and the Mutton Seekh... Generally for the Ordering at the Office, we have the Butter Chicken(Bones) & Mutton Rogan Josh.... The butter Chicken, is as usual amazingly fresh ... The gravy is just right, It has the right dash of sweetness, along with the perfect richness, thickness of the Butter & Ghee...The flavours of Methi, Tomatoes, Garlic are all pretty strong & dominant in the amazing curry..The Chicken Pieces are actually the pieces of Chicken tikka, which is simmered in this gravy for almost 10 minutes after being prepared separately ....The Mutton Seekh, at Uncles is Probably my bet for the Top 10 Mutton Seekhs, I have eaten in Delhi/NCR .. I am a Mutton Seekh Lover, having eaten this wonderful snack, at quite a few places & i think the Mutton Seekh at Uncles was just brilliant...It has the Right amount of tenderness.....A small bite & some motions of Chew & you are done with the Bite of the sinful kababs.. Unlike Kakaori Kababs, which just melt into the mouth without one having to make any effort & denying you the Cardinal sinful pleasure of digging your teeth into the meat.....The Spices in the Seekh are also just right, with no spice being too strong ... They spice it up with their own home made Chaat Masala, and its just a delicious bite. Even the Naan was quite thin compared to Normal Thick Maida filled Naans & was quite crispy too

A Comfortable Home Like ambience, Great tasting Food, A good Lunch
Do visit whenever you are in Noida next

Taste -9
Value For Money -8
Ambience – 8.5
Hygiene – 8

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