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Friday, July 8, 2011

Saleems@ Kailash Colony

Foodie Delight- Saleems@ Kailash Colony

One of the Oldest & Popular restaurants in Kailash Colony, Saleems famous for its Mughlai & Tandoori Food. My favorite is the Mutton Seekh kabab, Priced at Rs 95. 2 Pieces of Mutton Seekh served with a generous dose of Onions, & a very tangy mint chutney, which is served ice cold, perfect to go with the hot & steamy kababs...The Mutton seekh, is tender, with the right amount of juice, very mildly spiced & doesnt leave any strong flavor. The Tandoori Chicken, again a favorite, rightly spiced & little juicy.. tender... The marination of the Masala, is so pervasive, that you can feel the spices even when you crack chew the bone.

The Afghani Chicken was a big disappointment though, with the marinate being too strong & made the chicken too dry. The Chicken Tikkas are also too bland for my Liking & not juicy enough

The Chicken Biryani at Saleems, probably takes the cake ...served along with a light Curd raita, the biryanis aroma was too much for my nose to handle.. Saffron Cardomom, cloves, Onions, Herbs, was a tantalising smell.. Th chicken seemed to have absorbed all the wonderful spices & the chicken juice & spices seemd to have formed a brilliant coat, which was abrobed well in the chicekn, and didnt seem like any other boiled chicken mixed with Biryani

Saleems also have a special Kashmiri Cusine, Yakhni, Goshtaba...will try next time

The Phirnee rocks as well, Not too sweet, so you may not have too many sweet dreams

Must Try - Mutton Seekh Kabab, Tandoori Chicken & Chicken Biryani
Ambience (Restaurant) - 7
Taste - 7.5
Value for Money - 7
Hygeine - 8

"Some people live to eat, Some eat to Live, I am Happy as long as you give me Chicken & meat "

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