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Friday, July 8, 2011

Wheat Momos @ Brown Sugar

Dont go by the name of the Restaurant, That brown Sugar is a very harmful drug & highly addictive substance is known to most of us, But what people may not know is that this place serves one of the most addictive Momos - The Wheat Momos . Located in a Prime Majestic Corner, at the main Entrance of the Posh Upmarket, M – Block, Greater Kailash- Part 1 Market, is a small Take away snack joint called Brown Sugar

Its been around the market for quite a long time, But it came into light about 6-7 years back when it revived its fortunes with its wheat Momos... I strongly believe that for small to mid sized restaurants & eateries, its all about selective focus. You cant offer everything to everyone, But just ensure that you have one special thing on your menu, which is something you can offer to almost everybody

The Brilliant Momos or Dumplings......
The Shoppers at the Hot and happening M- block GK-1 Market will swear by Brown Sugar & this place has acquired an almost cult Status. The  Momos are made of wheat & are typically light brown in color, unlike the Normal Flour Momos.. The stuffing of the Momos is just simply delicious.... Juicy, Very Tangy, strong flavour of Onions, coriander, Fresh & Pure chicken mince & strong garlic , create a strong punch in the mouth ...

The Dip along with the Momos is equally Potent & can put the Gun Powder chewing Quick Gun Murugan to sleep...Really Hot, spicy , Tangy, its too awesome.

The Hot Hot Dip!!!!

 The Momos are kept fresh in the Big Transparent steam Bowls & are freshly steamed for every order. This makes the Momos, moist & soft, a perfect Juicy bite

Priced at Rs 85 for 7 medium pieces of Momos, the Chicken Momos are a healthy snack & a Must try. The Spinach & Corn Momos, Mushroom Momos, Fish Momos , Mutton Momos are also big hits & really make a great snack

They also serve, Fish Fingers with Tartar sauce which i have heard is good. The Chicken Tikka wrap is also a nice spicy roll & served with a strong mint dip & Onions Must Try – Chicken Momos, Mutton Momos, Spinach & Corn Momos, Mushroom Momos, Chicken Tikka wrap
Location – Main entrance, M Block Market, GK-1
Ambience – 8.5 (Great Eye Candy)
Taste – 8.5
Value for Money -8


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