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Friday, July 8, 2011

Famous Restaurant @ Jamia Nagar

There is a Famous Hindi Saying –“Keechad mein Hi Kamal khilta” – Lotus can only grow in mud. This precisely what i found out, when i visited the Famous Restaurant House. Located in the very Busy & heavily crowded by lanes of the Batla House Complex, near Jamia Nagar, South Delhi
The areas near Jamia, Batla House, New Friends Colony are pretty famous for the delectable Non Vegetarian Fare, that too at most affordable prices

The Famous Restaurant at Jamia just proved that Street Food of India, can dole out the most tasty & mouth watering fare compared to its upscale & elite Cuisines being served at restaurants &Hotels. It may lack in ambience & perceived hygiene, But can really pack a punch in the taste
The Restaurant is a Spacious 35-40 seating capacity place. The Owner seemed a friendly & Jolly fellow . He got very excited, when my friend told him, that I am some Big shot Food writer & have written some dozen published articles, How i wish he was true
Our Order Included the Ever popular 2 Plates of Chicken Biryani, 1 Plate of Mutton Korma, 2 quarter chicken Plate
The Chicken Biryani was amazingly different. It was pretty different from all Biryanis I have tasted. There was a mild element of Heeng, along with strong clove flavour. The rice grains were nicely colored & were full. The Rice was dipped & soaking in Oil. The Biryani was so compelling to taste, that i just cudnt resist myself knowing fully well that the excess oil may not be too good for the arteries, But The tongue always prevails. The chicken in the biryani, seemed to have absorbed everything right from the spices to the Oil & was nice, tender & very very juicy. 1 plate of Chicken Biryani with 3 small pieces – for Rs 35 – Inflation , are you listening ??
The Mutton Korma – hmmmm.. No Curry dish can come anywhere close to a real rich korma curry. I have seen different restaurants having different versions to the curry But the authentic one is the real muslim Korma, Probably the one at Kareems is the authentic one
The Gravy was not as thick as its is in the authentic Korma, But was simmering with all the flavours . The Mutton pieces were really soft & didn’t need more than a small touch of the teeth to bite & chew. The Mutton used in the Korma had some extra fat, which probably adds to the flavour of the gravy. At the time the mutton is simmered in the Curry, some fat mixes with the Curry to create such a lovely taste. The Bakharkhani The big, Crisp & bloated roti dipped in the Curry made a tasty bite as well

The Quarter Chicken was just out of the world & i wonder why the world is not aware of such rich tastes that we have. If KFC can conquer the world, Our Quarter Chicken Fry served at the Famous Restaurant, or the small restaurants at New Friends Colony, is for sure a world beater. One really large Piece of Chicken is deep pried in a Big Kadhai..... The Piece is then cut into 4-5 small pieces, some Masala added & serve with Onions & Chutney ......Phew....Mind Blowing.... Each Bite was refreshing, Didnt seem that the pieces would have been kept for marinating probably for 12-14 hours...absolutely fresh, each bite was juicy & Oily..The Chicken was fried in Mustard Oil .When it comes to Serving Deep fried delicacies, Mustard Oil is way ahead of the Modern Refined Oils used now. For health maybe, Refined Oil scores, But when it comes to taste, Mustard Oil definitely adds to the taste. For Rs 50/ the Quarter Chicken seemed a Real Value for Money

All In All, a Mouth watering meal, & an Oil soaked Tongue, But worth the visit

Must Try – Quarter Chicken, Mutton Korma, (Chicken Biryani – if you can manage the Oil)

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