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Friday, July 8, 2011

Continental Dhaba@ Kailash Colony

Located in the Prime Kailash Colony Market, Globe restaurant has been an Old hand in Kailash Colony. From making Hot & Fresh Samosas, Pakoraas in the mid 1980s they are now a Complete Take away & Home Delivery Joint specialising in Tandoori & Mughlai Food. Serving with Love seems to their motto. The Owners of the restaurant, 2 Affable brothers take great pride in their business & cook up an interesting chat when ever I visit

It being a Take away joint, I normally order for snacks or quick Bites . My all time favourite at this eatery is the amazing Chicken Roll... The Chicken Roll served here is pretty different from the Rolls one eats at Typical Tandoori Joints. They cook up 4-5 small pieces of fresh chicken with a freshly made thick masala curry.. Lots of Onions, dash of Oil, very strong dose of Garam Masala, Tomato, Coriander & some special masala, and you get a thick rich gravy mix

This is then put inside the Roomali roti... The curry is just perfect to be placed on the Roti & a perfect binding for the roll & curry to hold each other. A too liquid curry would wet the Roomali roti & eventually break the roll, but this curry is just perfect
The Taste of Freshly made Curry with fresh & Juicy chicken is just amazingly refreshing..... The dip served at this place is arguably one of the best dips i have tasted. Fresh pudina chutney, not too salty & very fine taste of pudina lingering in your mouth long after you have had it .. Some restaurants, do add a dose of preservatives in the dips, as the dips have to be made in huge qtys , hence preserving them for longer period requires use of preservatives
But the Dip @Globe Restaurant really seems really fresh, & adds greatly to the taste.. The roll is absolutely juicy in every bite. For Rs 50, The Chicken Roll, is a Must Try
Other Favorites include – Chicken Tandoori, Mutton RoganJosh

Location – Kailash Colony , Main Market
Ambience- take Away
Taste – 8.5
Value for Money -9
Hygeine - 8

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