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Friday, July 8, 2011

Kakori Kababs @Alkouser

AlKouser -This Roadside eatery at Malcha Mag, South delhi, is a highly popular place for its legendary Kakori Kebabs. The Place doesnt seem to catch your fancy much, as its a Plain Eat at Roadside & Takeaway kind of a Place.. No Fancy Boards, not much of an elaborate seating as well but the Kakori Kababs, are just simply awesome..The All time Hit, Kakori wrap is 2 Pieces of Kakori kababs, wrapped in a Roomali Roti roll...The Kakori doesnt need a bite, It just melts away in your mouth ...The Roomali roti is very smooth & is almost as silky as the Kababs and forms a fine bite with the kakori... The Cook told me, they use 52 spices which are blended & mixed with the Mutton, to form the mince.... The Kebabs seem to have a slight tangy taste, which may be because of the Jamphal...(which is one of the ingredients that goes in the mix). With as many spices added, I wonder, how the Kakoris are not too strong on the palate & go down so smoothly.. The texture of the Kakbas is again beautiful & is something of a eclectic mix of colors - The Rich Maroon of kebabs, along with the small brown spots that are a result of the grilling . The Mutton & spice mix for the kebabs is roasted for a huge amount oftime ..... This mix is then freshly put on the skewer & ready for the grill

The warp is served with Chutney & Onions, The Chutney doesnt seem to be anything worth talking about. I strongly feel that the accompainments alng with any Main Food dish,play a great role in enhancing the taste of the Food . Eg Sambhar with Dosa, Spicey Hot Dips with Momos . The Chutney at Alkouser, does liitle precious to add or enhance the taste

The Warqi Paratha wrap, with Reshmi Kababs is another favorite here.. The Juicy Kebabs & the Oil soaked parathas.. How well the Oil & meat juice mix & lend great taste to the bite....The Warqi paratha, is a Flaky layered bread with Eggs & milk being mixed in the dough. The Parathas being layered, are crisp on the outer layer soft in the inner side & taste great with the kebabs

Ambience- (No restaurant)
Location - On Malcha Marg, Vasant Vihar + East of Kailash, Community Center
Taste - 8
Value for Money - 7
Experience - 7

"Food & Love can break all bondaries & overcome the Gap, Make merry & go on eating Old Chap"

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