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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Red Wok @ Pamposh Enclave

Opened as a modest Take away cum delivery Outlet in th Pamposh Enclave, Community Center Market, Red Wok is fast emerging as quite a Popular Joint for some lip smacking Chinese & Thai Food

For many years, Delhites have some what struggled to find some real good chinese food, which is definitely good quality & not the Punjabi Chinese that our Palates have been so accustomed to eating. On one end, you have the Local Chinese Vans which had mushroomed over the Parts of the City almoist 15-17 years ago, trying to ride on the immense popularity of Chinese food, and completely butchered, & altered the DNA of the food...God , Coriander tadka in Manchurian., But all this came at a very reason able price, but the quality is still a question mark.... At the Other Extreme, Real authentic Chinese restaurants were open mainly part of the Hotels Cusine...Barring a Real Few Good Chinese Restaurants, Like Bercos, Zen in the Legendary Connaught Place, real good authentic Chinese Food in the Capital was the reserve of select few, or you had to be a real road romeo to dig out the best ones..In short wasnt so easy , so one had to make do, with the Punjabi Chinese being dolled out by the Local Colony Vans.....Of Course with the Coming of age of Speciality Restaurants, Like Yo china, Chung Wa, MainLand China

Red Wok, tries to somewhat bridge the Gaop between your Local Colony Chinese Van(which may be reasonably priced but burn your intestines) & the Fine Dine Big Speciality restaurants (which are great quality but will burn your pockets)

Pricing is Little High for a take away but its worth it . Try the Plain Chicken Noodles with Egg....Is delivered in a neat black Box, with neatly wrapped on top. The chicken Noodles are a real delight.. Right spice for me, neither too hot, nor too Oily, and are my personal favourite and I can have them without any gravy. Priced at Rs 120/= The qty is quite a fill & is good for 2 people

The Chicken Manchurian, is also pretty nice, with the Gravy being pretty hot & a dash of sweet.. The manchurians were quite crisp insite of being immersed in the gravy for some time.. Rs 165/ for 7-8 medium pieces of Chiccken was a good serving

The Chilly Chicken gravy, though packed a real punch, but the vegetables were more than even the gravy or the chicken.....Tremendous flavors of garlic, could just smeer through the nostril & raising the appetite just a tad bit more

Red Wok is definitley working its way up & is become quite a Popular Choice for Chinese food for Ordering for House Parties, Small Events or Just a good Dinner with Family

Do try the Chilly Chicken, Chicken Manchurian, Chicken Noodles with Egg

Taste -9
Value for Money-7.5

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