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Friday, July 8, 2011

Rajinder ka Dhaaba - Safdarjang Market

One of Delhis Very Popular & Favourite eatery for amazing non Vegetarian Food...Rajinder Ka Dhaaba....It is pretty Different from the Dhaabas which you se on the Highways , but retains the essence of Dhaaba Food, Great Taste, Fresh Food & affordable pricing

Located in the DDA market of the very Famous Safdarjang Market, & just behind the then Very Famous Kamal Cinemas.... Opened almost 35 years ago from very humble beginnings, Rajinder ka Dhaaba ,has really come a long way ... with a slew of restaurants being operated under the Brand Name – Rajinder. They have a Family Fine Dining Restaurant. A Chinese Restaurant cum take away (Rajinder Express)

The Original Dhaaba serves the Take aways & is an Open Air kind of standing arrangement. Customers line up in their cars waiting to grab a bite of the lip smacking food. They don’t even mind standing in long ques, getting sweaty & waiting to go at the awesome food...Its mostly a Self Service kind of arrangement at the Takeaway, where you have to get the food from the counter & grab any place you can get to stand & have the food.... It specialises in Both Mughlai & Tandoori food... Over the years, the have also achieved an expertise in the Fried Snacks, Fried Chicken, Seekh Kabab & Egg Pakora being a favourite.. where a Boiled Egg, marinated with a thick basin coat is deep fried in Oil ...Its quite a speciality here....

The Mutton Korma, is just unbelievable.....I have to rate it as the Top 5 Mutton Kormas i have ever eaten.... The Gravy is a rich, thick Dark Brown chocolate color gravy....Its absolutely divine & simmering with the fantastic spices & aroma.....Cardamom, Cinamon, Saffron, Ginger,Garlic, Rich paste of Onions & Tomatoes, all the Ingredients have given a great taste to the gravy.. The Mutton is absolutely soft, succulent & has nicely absorbed all the wonderful spices of the gravy... Its best to have it with Roomali Roti, as the ghee or Butter in the Paratha may take away the great taste of the Curry...The curry is not at all heavy or oily, unlike the normal Korma Gravies. For Rs 100 – 3 pieces of Mutton Korma is quite reasonable

The Seekh Kababs at Rajinder ka Dhaaba are my all time favourite... Even f I don’t want to have a full meal, a plate of Seekh Kabab is a great appetiser for me... A Plate has 4 Pieces of the Seekh Kabab, served with Onions, Spicy Green Chutney & to be had with Roomali Roti

The Seekh Kababs are to die for & the Tikkas...mmmmm

The Kababs are deep fried & retain the Juice... Very strong Garlic flavour just enhances the taste & are simply divine.. I have been eating here for last 10 years & the taste has remain unchanged & evokes the same pleasures every time you take a bite... Long Live Rajinder ka Dhaaba.. They have recently Opened a Trendy Restaurant Cum Bar Called RDX

Its a Labour of  Love

Its a Must Visit , Dont forget to Try the Seekh Kababs, Mutton Korma, Egg Pakoras

Ambience -9
Taste – 9
Value for Money- 9

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