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Monday, July 11, 2011

Maxims Pastry Shop

This Place is Probably one of the Oldest & most Popular Pastry shops of the Plush South Delhi....If you have stayed in South Delhi, there is a huge possibility that you have heard or known about Maxims or ordered your Birthday Cakes from here..Started as a Great Looking Cake & Pastry Shop, Located in the Kailash Colony Market, Maxims today boasts of one of the widest range of Pastries & Cakes....

My Personal take is that Maxims bakes one of the Best BlackForest & Pineapple Cakes in the whole of Delhi... Amazinly Fresh, Perfect Fluffiness, Right amount of sweet, almost generous dose of cream, years of labour of love, go in making of the amazing cakes & pastries at Maxims. Fathom this for the vast range – Blackforest, Pineapple, Chocolate Truffle, Cheese Cakes, Butterscotch, Caramel, Coffee, Range of Diff Shapes of cakes … Pastries – They have close to 15 different pastries, Puddings, Sufleys, Tarts – Chocolate, Lemon, Coffee – absolutely divine & a treat for the sweet tooth

The Snack section at Maxims also boasts of quite a handful of mouth watering snacks…….. Patties – (Veg, Paneer Mushroom, Cheese, Chicken) Kathi Rolls(Paneer, Chicken) Seekh Rolls(Chicken, Mutton) , Foot Longs, Hot Dogs, Pizzas – Normal, Mini, Cocktail , Sandwiches (Normal, Garlic, Hawain, Chilly Chiken, Veg, Cheese, Paneer) – Grilled Sandwiches, Quiches, Pastas, Salads

Maxims also sell their range of Fantastic biscuits, it’s a kiddies delight. Again close to 9-10 different variety of biscuitsm which they serve fresh at the Shop..

Recently, Maxims has also added a small 15-20 seater eating section, where you cansee lot of youngsters in the evening, having a good time & having some quality stuff… Their Tea & Coffee, is also something which the youngsters flock for…At Rs 25/=, they serve a Huge Cup of Tea, along with 3-4 small cookies…..Good for some nice chit chat and catching up with friends…….

My Favorite at Maxims is the Non Veg Salad….It comes in 2 sizes, medium & big…….Its a great concoction of some amazing poultry delights --- Chicken Russian Salad, Cold Sausages, Chicken Salami, Chicken Seekh Kabab, tossed with a gen erous drop of tangy mayonnaise, mustard sauce, white Cream, Oregano, Lime juice & Bar be Que sauce, & you get the most spicy, tangy Cold Salad….The Plain Chicken Sandwich, is again a nice snack – Light & Tasty….

The Chicken Roll & Mutton Roll, is another must try…It’s a Piece of the Seekh kakab, which is placed between a nice, crisp & Fluffy Patty . The Oil & Juice of the Meat, mix nicely with the

Do Not Forget to try the Blackforest & Pineapple pastry – It is one of the best in Delhi

Ambience – 8
Hygiene – 8
Value for money-7

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